Beaded Tassel  Pearl Tassel, Bridal blouse latkan Decorative Zari craft supplies wedding dress decorations.

Beaded Tassel Pearl Tassel, Bridal blouse latkan Decorative Zari craft supplies wedding dress decorations.

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These Beadedtassels are perfect for saree blouse latkans, dupatta hangings.

These can be used for decorating different items.

These are traditional Indian decorative pieces for any dress, ethnic in look.

A tassel is a finishing feature in fabric or dress embellishment.

Boho Hippie style tassels.

You can use them for DIY projects.

Scrapbook, card, etc.

you can also make bookmark from this but attaching this to a ribbon.

Also you can Use it as key chain.

Listing is for 1 pair, containing 2 piece tassels.

Length: See pictures (scale is in INCHES)

Note: There may be some difference in color due to lighting and screen settings.

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